Throwback Thursday 1

Vintage / Rockabilly themed portraits ~Throwback to before we merged and created Our Little Studio and I had Arwen Renaissance and Trav had The Perfect Pose  

Totally Gross & Yummy Halloween Recipes

My friend Hope posted these on her facebook and I just had to share because they are perfectly disgusting and awesome!                       Chocolate Armpit Hair Break apart three large shredded wheat bundles into long strands so they have the appearance of hair, and set aside. […]

I think I Wanna Marry You

It’s Weddings Wednesday and last wedding wednesday was our 9th wedding anniversary!!! I’m feeling like dancing today! So I have my favorite proposal and wedding video for you today! I love flash mobs and this is my favorite proposal to date!         If you haven’t seen it you’ve been living under a […]

Kids Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Vampire, one of the main costumes at Halloween. I think most people have been this at least once in their lives. So heres a great tutorial on getting that makeup perfect!