Throwback Thursday 1

Vintage / Rockabilly themed portraits ~Throwback to before we merged and created Our Little Studio and I had Arwen Renaissance and Trav had The Perfect Pose  

Facebook Pages Every Woman Should Like

I want to share some great facebook pages with you that I think every woman & mom should “like”. These are just a small variety of ones that I have found or been told about. In no order and only some of them. Feel free to let us know of others that you think need […]

What Is MRSA

Today for Mom Monday I want to touch on a term that is a hot topic in my home right now…MRSA! Our son is currently dealing with this infection. He came to me with what he thought was a broken toe. The doctor agreed at first glance. Within two days the toe developed an abess…within […]

Fitness Tips For Kids and Families

In todays society we have to work extra hard at making sure our children eat healthy and get the proper amount of exercise. My daughter hates anything physical..she would rather spend countless hours in front of the computer or tv. Gone are the days where children spent all their time outside making forts, playing tag […]

Head Lice Tips

If you or your little one has never had it chances are you know someone who has…Head Lice! The dreaded tiny nightmare that runs rampant in schools and daycares. At some point in every parent’s lives you get that letter from school alerting you of a case of lice. Your stomach drops, you begin to […]