Adorable Newborn Portraits

So as most of you know we do not offer newborn portraits. We only do children sitting age and older. However our company The Perfect Pose just opened a photography backdrop and prop shop. Which meant we needed some tiny models to show off our props. We were lucky enough to get two oohh so […]

Children’s Fantasy Portrait Ideas

Good Wednesday Morning!! Today I thought I’d make a list of a few great theme/fantasy children’s portrait ideas. I get asked by clients all the time, “What should I be?” , “What should my child be?” etc….so here are some great ideas for when you schedule your next appointment for the kiddos!       […]

Horses and More In Fair Hill

I wanted to go a bit edgy and artistic with the blog images today….Hope you love them! The little guy ¬†finally caught up This guy was such a ham! I loved him!! This little cutie wasn’t too sure he wanted anything to do with me…lol The Fair Hill Stables house some amazing horses. One kind […]

Discount Memory Plan

Dayz Gone By memory discount plan for ages 1-19!!  CLICK THE IMAGE TO SIGN UP TODAY!