Mother’s Day Portraits In Maryland

You will have to bear with me on blog posts lately due to the move, my surgeries etc…Im WAY behind. But I’m getting fought back up. Today I want to share a beautiful family I shot, a mother and her two sons. The boys were as different as day and night but we found that […]

Fun Family Photographer In Maryland

Ahh the age of innocence. Also the age of I’m afraid of strangers. But I still love photographing little ones! This was a combo session of parents and little ones. We got some great family shots and then let the girls play! It took a little while for the girls to realize I wasn’t going […]

Family Portrait Photographer In Maryland

Talk about family! This was a big one, and I loved it! I put this group through the ringer, especially the kids but man were they good sports! The end results some fantastic fun portraits that really captured the vibe I was getting from this wonderful family!   I did an individual shot of each […]

Maryland Holiday Portraits

  My silly grandaughter! You think it would be easier to get your grandbaby to cooperate…Not! Lol Had to bribe her with candy!! Did I mention you can’t keep a hat on her head! But I love these shots! Had to be fast she kept that hat on for a milisecond! That kiddo just learned […]

Discount Memory Plan

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