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Did you know we have a super fabo Pinterest! Well we do! It is full of ideas for sessions! As well as cool and funny pics, recipes, beauty and home decor stuff. Lots of goodies! And for some of our sessions we will even create a style board just for our client! Our style boards […]

New Glamfabulous News

Hello Lovies! We got something new for you! Our new Glamfabulous Newsletter. Every week we will send you our newsletter jammed packed with goodies for you. We will let you know what is new with Our Little Studio. Let you in on our upcoming specials and sales. Share some health, fashion, fitness, parenting and beauty […]

Why Should I Pick You As My Photographer

Hi Everyone! So a potential client asked me two questions the other day…At first I wasn’t sure what to say! In my mind I’m thinking they are being rude, but after a minute I realized they weren’t. One was, Why should I pick you as my photographer? The other was more of a statement / […]

Rockin Portraits in Maryland

Let me tell ya, there is nothing harder than getting your own kid to stop being silly during a session! Yeah that gum kept making an appearance! But I did get some pretty cool shots when she wasn’t paying attention! And yes, she can play the guitar…when she wants to… It’s so funny, she wasn’t […]

Send Angie a Birthday Gift

For those who don’t know, my birthday is just a few days off! It’s the big 37 this year! I look back and am so happy with where my life has gone through the years, especially my photography. It is such a passion of mine, the biggest part of that is my fans and clients. […]