Children’s Fantasy Portrait Ideas

Good Wednesday Morning!!

Today I thought I’d make a list of a few great theme/fantasy children’s portrait ideas. I get asked by clients all the time, “What should I be?” , “What should my child be?” etc….so here are some great ideas for when you schedule your next appointment for the kiddos!










For the Girls………

  • Fairy- Any Dressy Dress or Tutu/Top
  • Princess
  • Ballerina
  • Cowgirl
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Tea Party -Tutu and Cute Top
  • Super Model Dress Up – Sunglasses, Big Hats, Feather Boa, Jewelry
  • Angel- Flowy White Dress
  • Bedtime Girl- Nightgown or Footie Pajamas and Teddy bear
  • Rainy Day Girl- Regular Clothes, Raincoat, Boots and Umbrella
  • Southern Belle- Big Hat, Dressy Dress
  • Hobo- Sack on a stick, Cute Clothes, Luggage, Teddy Bear










For the Boys……..

  • Fireman- Costume or Regular Clothes with Fireman Hat
  • Cowboy- Jeans Tshirt or Flannel, Boots, Hat
  • Superhero- Costume or Pajamas with Towel Cape
  • Fisherman/Huck Finn
  • Mechanic- Jeans and Tshirt, Wrench
  • Policeman- Costume or Regular Clothes with Police Hat
  • Bedtime Boy- Footie / Pajamas and Teddy Bear
  • Sports Player- Costume or Uniform
  • GQ- Hi Fashion Outfit, Sunglasses
  • Little Man- Business Wear, Briefcase
  • Hobo- Sack on a stick, Cute Clothes, Luggage, Teddy Bear
  • Rainy Day Boy- Regular Clothes, Raincoat, Boots and Umbrella


Of course these are just some quick sugguestions. There is really no limit to the ideas. We do ask that when planning a theme session you plan / schedule plenty of head of time, as well as inform us of your theme immediately so that we can plan as well.










As far as where to get costumes…I mostly suggest DIY, as most things you may have around the house. Also check Thrift Stores like Goodwill. In addition, there is a costume shop local to us that should have just about anything else you need. It is called Jokes R Wild,  324 S. DuPont Highway (Rt.13) New Castle, DE (302) 325-1364