Funny Engagement Photography Sessions Maryland

Anyone who have ever done a session with me knows that I love to laugh and have fun. I also require my clients to do so as well! I’ve been doing a lot of engagement sessions lately and having a ball! People tend to forget that one of the most important things about a relationship is being able to laugh and have fun together! So consider an engagement session with me a lesson in love & marriage as this couple found out…lol


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Did I mention that I love clients running, jumping and dancing.


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And don’t forget kissing…I’m a hopeless romantic!


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Yes, every single client feels ridicules when I first ask them to stick out their tongues or make silly faces, but it doesn’t take long to get into it and relax


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Every session is a well rounded bunch of fun, silly, serious, romantic and beautiful!


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A super congrats to Autumn & John on their upcoming marriage and a big thanks for being silly with me!


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