Jamie Fraser Diana Gabaldon Outlander Series on Starz

I know a lot of you are HUGE fans of the Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon! I know just as many of you are completely in love with Jamie Fraser! And I know that all of us who are fans and all of us who are in love with Jamie can not wait till the series airs on Starz! If you have Facebook then you most likely know that Sam Heughan has been cast officially as Jamie. I’ll admit, I was not real happy with this choice. Until I saw a photoshopped image of him as Jamie by a lady name Audrey Landry, and then….be still my beating heart!

This is the image from Ms.Landry!











Yummy right?

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and of course I will be blogging about this often as time goes by and we learn more of the cast, and the anticipated premiere date! I also wanted to share this video a friend sent me….It’s from The Outlander Musical I guess….enjoy!