Meet Angie

Hello Lovies!!

Angie here, and I wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself and my work! First let me tell you a little about Our Little Studio. Our Little Studio was founded by my husband and I. For a long time we ran two separate photography studios, but after awhile it no longer made sense to do that. So we banded together to form Our Little Studio. With our company you will see that Travis and I are as different as day and night and so is our photography styles! My work is a bit more dramatic and creative. Travis’s work is more edgy yet traditional!  I specialize in Theme portraits like Fairy, Knights, Pirates etc for all ages!!! I am also our house children and family photographer. Travis is Engagement and Wedding guru. We both do Senior and Boudoir Portraits. I do weddings on occasion but mostly limit those to theme weddings. While we mostly work on sessions separately, there are times when we will work together at a wedding or portrait session. On occasion you may also get to meet one of my two helpers Jessica or Brandi!

So about me….I’m fortunate enough to be marrying to my soul mate, and for those who think true love is a myth, Travis & I can assure you it is not! We have two wonderful children and a precious granddaughter who keeps us on our toes. I love dogs and cats, and just about all animals! I love to have fun! I’m a social butterfly! I also love to play dress up at our local renaissance and fairy festivals!! I am mega huggie and I think of all my clients as friends and family! I have a general no pose rule, while I will direct my subject, I don’t believe in stiff unhappy poses! I love to sing and dance and be silly, but I’m also the business head behind the company. If you call, or email, it’s me you will be dealing with. The same goes for our blog post and social media posts. So believe it or not I can’t think of anything else to say…but feel free to ask!













I’ve picked 30 of my favorite images to share with you so you can view my style of photography!