Modeling Portfolios, Job Site, Corporate, Social Media! The Head Shot Portraits You Need!

Call them head shots, Call them Individual Portraits…whatever you call them we all want and need them! With todays world of tech and social media everyone needs pics of themselves! This is a fairly new thing, one I’m still at times getting used to. So when we got the call that a gentleman wanted some head shots and some shots of him with his car for a job site like LinkedIn, I was a little shocked, it was the first I heard of photos for a job site, but you know me, I was all in!


I hope he is going to apply for some modeling gigs, cause he sure had a great look!


maryland corporate head shots


























It just goes to show how far we’ve come in technology and social media! I’m not complaining cause I love that business and creativity are melding together more! I mean this right here, these are  awesome head shots. They say, I’m fun, yet serious, I’m a go getter, and I’m defiantly on the road to success!


facebook portraits


























ford mustang

























I also loved the request was from a guy! I don’t know why but men seem to be a bit awkward about getting photographed!


linkedin photographer


























So here’s wishing good luck to this cool cat, with the car of my dreams!


male modeling













red mustang