Throwback Thursday 10/16

Throwback Thursday~ My first Boudoir/Pin up session and goodness did we have a blast! I did huge all day portrait parties back then, I did like 10 sessions that afternoon….I miss those!!!


vintage pinup throwback thursday

Bellmont Hall Wedding Photography

Have you ever been to Bellmont Hall in Smyrna, DE?  GASP! It is soooo quaint and soooo stunningly beautiful! When Travis and I renew our vows it will def be there! Our friend Nathan contacting me about doing his wedding there and of course I couldn’t say no to that! Such a beautiful couple and such a beautiful location, I was all in!!


deleware bridal photographer

























I’m not even gonna say I didn’t shed a tear while shooting this wedding!


wedding belmont hall

























weddings symrna de

























belmont hall de

























After the ceremony we got to explore the grounds and take some wonderful fun shots!


bridal party portraits













hipster wedding ideas














You all know I love to have fun when shooting, I like to bring the silly!


deleware best wedding













Oh but I am a hopeless romantic too! Congrats to a wonderful wonderful couple!!


deleware wedding photographer

























deleware wedding photography







Throwback Thursdaysss

OMG I can not even believe this little dude is in school now!



Wine Harvest at the Renaissance Faire

Anyone who knows me knows my home away from home is the Renaissance Faire, specifically the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire! It has been awhile since I’ve went on a regular basis and even longer since I took the camera with me. This season I’ve went 4 times so far, this last time being Wine Harvest weekend, and I finally couldn’t take it anymore and took the camera! I posted a sneak peek of a few different images the other day on our Facebook page, and soon I’ll post a gallery of even more images from that weekend on the page as well.

You can visit our page HERE


renaissance faire king













pennsylvania renaissance faire













pa ren faire













ren faire













human chess













renaissance festival







Maryland Maternity Photographer

I love Mommy bellys!!! Maternity sessions are just too sweet! I’m always flooded with a ton of ideas from fun and funky to ethereal and beautiful! I also love for any sessions when y clients come to me with cool prop ideas, poses, themes! Not that I can’t come up with them but when the client brings their ideas, props etc to the session it brings a true part of them to the session. I mean the session is theirs, its all about them and I want that to show as much as possible!


So I had never heard of these maternity belt props until this beautiful mommy to be brought hers that she made from an idea on pinterest!


maternity phtographer maryland

























And my goodness they were such a sweet beautiful couple!


cecil county maternity

























I know that little one is gonna have a life full of love and sunshine!


newark maternity portraits

























elkton photographer

























It’s so wonderful and refreshing to see a couple so in love  :)


deleware maternity portraits

























couples maternity maryland













But you know I wouldn’t let them get out there without some silliness! Like these shots… I told the dad to act like he just found out about the baby but to be goofy with it. This is some of what I got…. lol


fun maternity maryland













A HUGE congrats on this couple and this bundle of joy!!


maternity portraits md