Portrait Info

Portrait Session Info

A 10 step guide to your portrait session before-after!

1- You go in search of the most glamfabulous portrait photographer around. Well guess what you found us!

2- You give us a shout and we will email you some important session info and set up a time to call to find out about your dream session!

3- We will direct you to our online scheduling system so you can pick your perfect date and time….mean while we will be planning everything to make sure your session is in the perfect location with all the perfect goodies to make it glamawesome!

4- Once you have picked your date/time, we will send you a link to your very own rockstar client profile page! Once there you will sign your contract and make your session payment. Then we will email to confirm all your info!

5- Now that the hard stuff is out of the way, we will set up a call again to answer any questions, iron out wrinkly details and make sure everything is easypeasy for you!

6- A few days before your session we will send you an email with all the details you need about your session like, where to meet, what time, what to bring, etc…

7- The day of your session arrives! We will meet you and be so glad to finally see the gorgeous face(s) of our new glamfabulous client(s)! You will follow me to your session location where the magic begins! We are gonna have a blast! We will walk, talk, dance, play (yes, I said we) and have an amazing time becoming friends! The session however must end…we depart with hugs and I’ll let you know when you will get to glimpse your day online.

8- After your session I’m heading to the office to finish the magic! There I will spend an average of 20+ hours working on your images to ensure they are stunning! Within a few days you will get an email from me directing you to your private online proofing gallery photocart. Finally the wait is over and the oohs and aahs begin! Don’t forget to share your gallery with friends and family so they too can order some fabo prints! You will place your order online, or contact me so we can go over which products are best for you, design a Wall Collection specifically to your home, or just go over any questions you may have!

9- Your goodies arrive! Depending on what you have purchased they will be delivered via email, regular mail or (in the case of wall collections) personally by little ol’ me! You will gush to your friends and family about your new friends at Our Little Studio and insist they all come visit us!

10- And you my new friend, we will see you again at your next session!