July Update

I thought it would be cool to try and give a little update every month on things that have been going on the past month. A peek into the lives of the Hills and studio updates….. It is also to help me to stay on top of blogging. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE to write, and I LOVE to talk it just seems in the midst of my busy schedule this blog gets lost along the way. Not good!

For the Hills life has been busy, busy, busy! We basically just work, work, work! But we love it!

2013 is a year of change and growth for us. For those who don’t know. for the past 7 years we have run a posing and learning website for photographers. This year we have expanded that by now running a photography backdrop and flooring shop as well. We have also started a new photographer and vendor sales group on Facebook. However, the we in all of this has changed drastically. It is now i alone who run The Perfect Pose, and Photography goodies Glaore Faceboook group. Travis is still the lead role of the backdrop shop at this time. I’m also slowly working on a new business with our daughter Destiny. It is Rebel Evermore Beauty. Which is homemade soaps, scrubs, lotions ,etc….made by Des and I. However it is going a lot slower than planned. We hoped to debut in June, right now it looks like it may be more like, next June!

There has also been major changes to Our Little Studio, and will continue to be more though out the year. There has been branding changes, style changes, staff changes, pricing changes and even changes to the kinds of photography and sessions we offer. For years Travis and I ran separate photography businesses, however since my style was so unique I continued to run Arwen Renaissance on the side. This year I finally closed it, and am working on fully merging my style into Our Little Studio. I have learned over the years that you can not be an expert at everything! This is true in photography as well. Sure I can photograph anything and it look good, but to deliver truly exceptional work, I need to only do what I’m best at, what I’m passionate about. But what I do has a limited audience, so I have come up with a way to chnage things at Our Little Studio that allows me to be more creative.

Another change to the studio is Travis. Travis is no longer a full time part of Our Little Studio. He now only does Weddings and takes those on a case by case basis. So while we still offer wedding photography it is very limited to the amount he will do per year. So basically Our Little Studio is kinda just my little studio.

We are slowly changing the types of sessions we offer. We are eliminating (some already gone) pet portraits, glitz & glam portraits, traditional family portraits, senior portraits as well as traditional couples/engagement portraits, with the exception of special deals, etc. We currently offer Traditional portrait sessions for sitting age and up, Teens & Tweens, and Adult individual. We offer Boudoir sessions for the ladies. We offer Fine Art sessions for anyone, kids, adults, couples, and families. We offer Land Of Make Believe (fantasy,  theme , and destination portraits) for anyone  kids, adults, couples and families. This is all being done slowly to eventually change our entire sessions to strictly my niche of portraits. Before the year is out we will be eliminating some of the current options and we will offer a few more new options as well.

Make sure you follow Our Little Studio’s Facebook Page to stay up to date on all the changes this year as well as sales, contests and more!