Wedding Info


Hi Ladies & Gents! Travis here, I wanted to give you a little info on booking your big day!


A 10 step guide to how this whole wedding photography thing works!

Step 1
You peruse the web until you find the most awesome reasonably priced wedding photographer there is. (Look, you’re here you’ve already nailed step one.) You’re awesome!

Step 2
You call or email us and we set up an appointment to meet and we show you all the really cool photography stuff we offer. We also reassure you that you have made the right choice and you’re pictures are going to be the best ever.

Step 3
We talk about what you want, sign contracts and get all the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way.

Step 4
We set up a date for your engagement shoot. This is where we interact as photographer and photographee for the first time. Not only do we get some awesome shots of you and your love. We get to talk, hang out and become friends. This way I’m not a stranger on your wedding day. I’m your old friend Travis!

Step 5
I email you a link to your engagement photos and you send them to all your friends so they can be extremely jealous of how good you look. You, your friends and family will also be able to order them off our website, and look at them 100’s of times admiring your good looks. Once ordered they will arrive in a few days in pretty packaging and they will be ripe for wall hanging.

Step 6
I call you the night before your wedding to reassure you that you will be the most beautiful bride/ handsomest groom ever and tell you I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

Step 7
The big day! Your old friend Travis (from the engagement shoot) shows up at the designated time. You’ll probably be nervous and super excited at the same time. Love will be in the air, your friends will be all telling you how beautiful everything is. (It’ll be amazing) I then start photographing everyone and everything in a photojournalistic style. Capturing all kinds of special moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. We have the most amazing day ever, all captured on top of the line digital cameras. Once the reception is over I say my good byes and you are off to the honeymoon. (rawr)

Step 8
While you are having the time of your life, I am busy working hard editing and processing your photos. By the time you get back I should have your photos available to check out on the web. This is where you and your love get a box of tissues and some wine, set aside some time and relive your day.

Step 9
All your cool products are delivered and you show them to your friends; again they will be jealous. You then tell all your friends to book me for their weddings if they want awesome photos like you have.

Step 10
You live happily ever after.